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PCA Skin has been and continues to be a trusted Industry leader in the development of skin care that combines aesthetics and science. DreamSkin proudly endorses and uses PCA Skin Chemical Peels in our treatment protocol. PCA Chemical Peels address our clients multiple skin care concerns and needs.

Lisa Shanbour is a licensed Aesthetician at DreamSkin Spa. She has trained extensively with PCA Skin and has over ten years of experience working with all skin types. PCA Skin Chemical Peels in Beverly Hills, California, may be for you if you have any of the following skin care concerns:

Acne induced Hyper Pigmentation · Acne Scarring · Acne Breakouts · Hormonally and Sun induced Hyper Pigmentation · Aging Skin · Loss of Elasticity · Loss of Firmness · Wrinkles

Before and After photos of PCA Chemical Peels:

Chemical Peels